Billing & payments


When will my first bill arrive?


  • Your monthly package, call packages and any other rental charges are always billed a full month in advance, so you will receive your very first bill a few days after your service has gone live .

  • Your bill is then created on the same date every month (this date is based on the date when your service went live)

  • If you have online billing, you’ll get an email telling you when your bill is ready to view and download in your My Account. If you have paper billing we’ll post it out to you (please allow 2-3 days for delivery)


The example below gives you a rough idea when to expect your first bill:


  • Joe joins Post Office and has his broadband connected on 4th October.

  • Joe’s bill will be created on the 5th October showing charges from 4th October all the way up to 3rd November (One months rental charges are always paid in advance).

  • Joe's bill date will be the 5th of every month.

  • If Joe is an Online billing customer, he’ll get his notified his bill is ready to view as soon as it’s created. He is able to view by logging into My Account.

  • If Joe is a Paper billing customer he’ll get his bill in the post about 2-3 days later.


Why is my first bill higher than expected?

When you get your first bill you should also look out for one-off charges, such as New Line & Engineer Charge and Set Up Charge - These will appear in the ‘Adjustments & One-Off Charges’ section of your bill If this is your first bill at your new house, we will transfer any final charge or credit from your last bill at your old address to your first bill at your new address.

Saving money with online billing

Online billing can save you £2.00 per bill as we don’t need to send you a paper bill in the post each month and you can check, save and print off your last 12 months bills in PDF format. To opt in to Online billing, visit My Account or call us on 0345 600 3210.

Things you need to know about your bill

  • When paying a bill, you’re paying a month in advance for things like your broadband, phone or call package charges. For extra things such as call charges call features, these will appear on your next bill after you’ve used them.

  • If you’re an existing customer adding a new service, you’ll continue to receive your bill as normal on the same date. The first bill after your new service goes live may be larger than normal as it could include more than a month’s rental to bring your products in to line.

  • You can sign up for online billing. This will allow you to view your bill online and we’ll email you to let you know when it is ready. By choosing online billing we won’t send you any paper bills, we also provide paper bills if you prefer. These are charged at £2.00 per bill.

  • Large print and braille bills are always available at no charge, please call us to opt in.

  • An example of your first bill explained.


Your first bill explained

1. Previous Balance: Any previous balance brought forward from your last bill, details of payments made and confirmation of whether the full balance has been paid or not.

2. Services Charges section: Here you’ll find costs laid out for things like your Home Phone, Broadband package, call packages and any other services, along with what period the charges cover. Call features such as ‘Call Divert’ are billed in arrears. Note: These charges are all VAT exclusive.

3. Call Usage Charges Section: Any calls you’ve made are summarised into categories so you can keep a track of the types of calls you make. Any savings you are making from any inclusive calls you have in your package are also summarised here.

4. Adjustments & One-Off Charges section: A summary of any adjustments or one-off charges that have been applied to your account will be listed here. New line installation and router delivery charge will only appear on your first bill.

5. Total Charges: Remember, VAT is applied for each service and rounded appropriately then applied as a total at the end, so the sum of the entire bill with VAT included is listed here.

Having difficulty paying your Post Office broadband or phone bill?

We understand circumstances can change. If you’re struggling with your bills, please get in touch as early as possible so we can help. Call us on 0345 600 3210. We’re here Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm, and on Sunday from 9am to 6pm.
Unfortunately if we don’t hear from you we may need to restrict your service until your outstanding balance is paid, any unpaid or overdue bills will also have a negative impact on your credit rating. Please remember we are here to help.

What happens if you don't pay your broadband or phone bill?

We require you to pay your bill in full within 12 days from the date of your bill. If we haven’t received payment after the 12 days, we will:

  • Send you automated call reminders to your home phone, place notifications on your online My Account and remind you about an overdue bill by email.

  • Contact you by phone call and letter.


If we don't hear from you after these reminders or your outstanding balance has still not been cleared, we may restrict your broadband and/or phone service. This means you won’t be able to use your broadband and you won’t be able to make any outgoing phone calls. When you make a call you’ll automatically be diverted to our call centre to make a payment or discuss payment options.

Note: You will still be able receive incoming calls and make calls to emergency services, certain Freephone numbers and our customer call centre.

If you still don’t settle your bill, we will pass your details to a debt collection agency who will continue to chase payment on our behalf. If you continue to fail to pay your bill, we will disconnect your service. We will notify you before we do this.

After your service has been disconnected you will receive a final bill which will include Early Termination charges if you are still within your minimum contract term. Our debt collection agencies will continue to collect this final outstanding balance on our behalf.

If you have a genuine dispute with us about your outstanding bill and have raised this with us, we will not restrict or disconnect your service until the dispute is resolved.

Ways to pay your bill

Direct Debit

This is the cheapest and easiest way to pay your bill and avoid any late payment charges. A Direct Debit from your bank account is a simple, safe and convenient way to pay your bill. Once it’s set up, paying by Direct Debit will:

  • Save you time every month, because your bill will be paid automatically.

  • Avoid the risk of your phone or broadband being disconnected due to a delay in payment.

  • Give you time to check your monthly bill and raise any queries before the Direct Debit is made


To set up a Direct Debit:

  • Simply call us on 0345 600 3210 with your bank account details and ask to be set up on Direct Debit or

  • Go to your My Account to sign in, then click on ‘Make Payments’ then ‘Manage your recurring payments’ and enter your bank account details as required.


Can I pay by another method?

We try to make paying your bill as easy as possible, which is why we accept a wide range of different payment methods:

  • Cash – Just take your bill into any Post Office branch to pay

  • Debit or Credit Card over the phone.

  • Budget Payment Card in branch.

  • Cheque.


You can also pay by Internet or Phone banking by using the details below:

  • Account Number: 34778217

  • Sort Code: 60-40-09

  • Account reference: Please use your 8 digital Account reference number as we will use this to credit the payment to your account

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