Travel Money Card FAQs

Answers to some of your most common questions

Does this card meet my travel needs?

Please take time to read about our Travel Money Card, making a choice on which product and currency to take to your destination can make all the difference, helping you to have a hassle free holiday.

Our products features, fees and limits have been detailed for you on this website and within your terms and conditions, please take time to read these, they have been provided to help you get the best experience when using our card.

Which currency of card should I buy?

All of our cards will work across the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted. To avoid unnecessary exchange rate conversions and/or fees we recommend you use the card in the currency of the country you are travelling too. If we do not offer the currency you need we recommend you purchase a GBP card. 

Example – Take a Euro card to Spain; take an Australian Dollar card to Australia or a Sterling card to Norway.

Please see "will I be charged for using my card" for more information.

How much can I load on to a card?

If you pass our verification checks (see "upgrading your card" FAQ) you can load up to and have an account balance of £5,000.

If we are unable to verify your details or you applied for your card within a Post Office branch your load will be restricted to £750 or a pre-determined foreign equivalent. Until the card is upgraded the annual load and spend limit will remain at £750 or pre-determined foreign equivalent.

Can I hold multiple cards?

If you have upgraded your card (see "upgrading your card" FAQ) you can hold up to 3 cards in each currency, up to a maximum of 10 cards. We recommend you purchase all subsequent cards via your online account, this ensures you can see all of your balances in the same place. If you hold a non-verified card you can only hold one card.

Can I hold cards in different currencies?

You can hold a maximum of 3 cards in each currency but the overall limit you can hold across all cards is £5,000. You can only hold additional cards once we have successfully verified your details online.

How can I track my balance and spend?

You can track your balance and view transactions are via our mobile app. This can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google play

You can also check your balance and transactions on the "your account" section of the website.

How do I top up my Travel Money Card?

There are many ways of topping up your card; this can be carried out via the Post Office website or via any Post Office branch. You can also top up your card via our mobile app providing you have completed an online top up and saved your card details first.

What is my access code and why is it important?

Your access code is a 6 digit number and is required whenever you contact us or start using the mobile app.

If you bought your card online or have registered your branch card online, your access code would have been created by you at the time of online registration.

If you haven't yet registered your card on the website, your access code will be detailed on your welcome letter.

What does upgrading my card mean and how do I do it?

We will automatically attempt to issue you an upgraded card when you purchase your card online, or look to upgrade you when you register your card online if you bought it from a Post Office branch). This is done by verifying the personal information you have provided. 

If your card is upgraded your total load & spend limit will be increased from £750 per annum to £20,000 per annum with a maximum balance/daily load limit of £5,000.

If we are unable to verify your details we will send you an email to advise what you need to do next.

How do I use the card?

Your Travel Money Card works in the same way as your normal debit card. It can be used in retailers who accept MasterCard as well as at ATMs and online. The card is Chip & PIN enabled which means you will be asked to input your PIN when completing transactions.

Some countries, including the USA, do not use Chip & PIN, this means you will be asked to sign for your purchases rather than enter your PIN.

Please note: If the retailer offers Chip & PIN we will only accept a Chip & PIN transaction.

Will I be charged for using my card?

There are no charges when using your card in retailers in the country of the currency on the card**. This means that a €20 purchase in Spain would cost you €20. 

** If you purchased our Sterling card after 25th November 2013 there is a charge every time you use the card to make a purchase in Sterling. This includes all purchases made in the UK but does not apply to purchases overseas when you choose to pay in the local currency.

A cash withdrawal fee of £1.50 for the Sterling card will be applied when making cash or ATM withdrawals (see terms and conditions for the cash withdrawal fee for other card currencies).

A cross border fee (3% of transaction amount (2.49% on Sterling cards) will also be applied if you use the card outside the country of the currency of the card. For example: a charge of 3% will be made if you used your US Dollar card in Jamaica.

To avoid unnecessary charges to your card you, wherever asked, you should always choose to pay for goods or withdraw cash in the currency of your card, for example, if you are using a Euro card in Spain you should always choose to pay in Euros if offered a choice. Choosing to pay in Sterling in this example would allow the merchant to exchange your transaction from Euro to Sterling, which we would then have to exchange back to Euros as your card is a Euro card. This would mean that your transaction has gone through two exchange rate conversions which will increase the total cost of your transaction.

Details of all our fees can be found in the terms & conditions.

Is there anywhere I shouldn't / can't use my card?

We recommend that you do not use your card for the following:

  • Checking in to hotels where they take a deposit / pre authorisation.
  • When collecting car hire that requires a deposit.


Cards should not be used at the above due to the way transactions are processed. Hotels and car hire companies will often take a deposit from your card which we have to ‘ring fence' for a number of days, thus preventing you from spending this money elsewhere.

You may also be unable to use your card at the following merchants as they are unable to check your transaction with us and will therefore decline the transaction: 

  • Self-service petrol pumps.
  • Toll road payments.
  • On-board cruise ships or ferries.
  • On-board aircraft.

What happens if I have money left on my card when I get back from holiday?

Your card can be used all across the world so you can keep money on your card for your next trip.

If you wish to redeem the remaining balance from your card you can do so through our call centre by calling +44 (0)20 7600 7797.

Please be aware that buyback exchange rate will apply and these rates will be higher than the rate you purchased your card at.

For example: 04/03/2015 the Euro sell rate was 1.3190 and the buyback rate was 1.56. This means if you loaded £350 on to a card and didn't spend anything you would receive £295.93 back from us.

Why do I need to register my card on if I have bought the card at a Post Office branch?

Registering your card on allows you to use the website to check your balance, view transactions or top up your travel money card from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. When you register we will automatically attempt to upgrade your card, see "upgrading your card" FAQ.

Please take notice of your email as it will inform you of your cards limit.