Medium Parcels can measure up to:

Length  61cm
Width  46cm
Depth  46cm
Weight  up to 20kg max

Note: The following items are priced as Small Parcels:
  • Parcels that measure up to Length: 45cm and Width: 35cm and Depth: 8cm and do not exceed 2kg.
  • Parcels that measure up to Length: 35cm and Width: 25cm and Depth: 16cm and do not exceed 2kg
  • Roll and cylinder-shaped parcels that measure up to Length 45cm and Diameter 8cm.

See our new Small Parcel sizes.

Roll and cylinder-shaped parcels larger than these sizes can be posted as Medium Parcels up to 90cm in length and up to 104cm (length plus twice the diameter).

We restrict or prohibit certain items for legal or safety reasons.