Directory Enquiries

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Did you know, we offer one of the most competitive directory enquiry services? So if you need a number, call 118 855.

Key benefits

  • Low cost: we’ll charge you just 40.80p for two UK residential or business numbers
  • Text service: our text to mobile service is completely free
  • Easy to use: simply call 118 855

How we compare

Prices below are from BT landlines and include VAT. Mobiles and other network costs may vary. The rates are correct as of January 2013.

  Set up cost  Plus Price per minute Equals Cost of a two minute call
118 855 41p PLUS 0p = 41p
118 118 197p PLUS 159p = 356p
118 500 62p PLUS 199p = 460p
118 247 150p PLUS 70p = 290p

The first minute of calls to 118 118 is included in the call set-up cost.

Call charges are rounded up to the next penny.


Directory Enquiry Service

If you’re looking for a number, call:

118 855

Lines are open 24 hours a day

Price Change

From 2 June the new price from BT and Post Office lines will be 101.1p per call.