Budget Card FAQs

Who can get a Post Office® Budget Card?

Anyone over 18 who is resident in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. Each person can have one Budget Card.

We don't make any credit checks. Just bring the application form into your local Post Office®, with two forms of ID as listed on the form.

Download the Budget Card application form (PDF 258KB)

How easy is it to use the Budget Card?

It’s very simple – just like Post Office® Savings Stamps, which are being phased out.

  1. Bring your application form (and ID) into the Post Office® branch
  2. We’ll give you your Budget Card
  3. You can start saving money straightaway

Keep a note of your card number and paying in receipts in case you ever lose your card or it’s stolen.

How much money can I put on my Budget Card?

You add money to your card in multiples of £5, up to £250 in a day and you can save a total of £1,500 per annum on your card.

How do I pay a bill using my Budget Card?

  1. Take your bill into the Post Office®
  2. We'll swipe your Budget Card and take the money from it
  3. We'll ask you to sign a receipt... and that's it

How do I find out my card balance?

  • call the automated balance line 24/7 on 0845 0822 480**
  • check your balance online

We’ll also send you a full statement every year.

**Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes.

What if I lose my Budget Card or it's stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, let us know and we'll put a stop on it straight away. This means all your money will be safe. The charge for a replacement card is £5.

Keep your Budget Card safe and don't tell anyone else your card number or other information.

Which bills can I pay with my Budget Card?

Just like Savings Stamps used to work, you can pay for lots of bills with your Budget Card including car tax, gas, electricity, council tax and rent, telephone and catalogue payments.

You can also use your Budget Card to pay for Post Office® Homephone & Broadband, Travel Insurance and Credit Card as well as One4all™ Gift Cards.

You can't use your Budget Card for travel money, travellers cheques, Postal Orders or Moneygram® transactions.

Can I take all the money from my card at short notice?

The Budget Card is not designed to be a savings account, so if you urgently need to access the money on your card, you will need to write in to us. The Budget Card account will be closed and a £5 administration fee charged.

We will then send a Post Office® payout letter to your registered address. You can use this letter to obtain cash at any Post Office® branch, upon production of ID. You can only do this once, and then we close your account.

Does the money saved on my card gain any interest?

Just like Savings Stamps, we don't make interest payments on the money that's on your Budget Card. It is still a great way to save towards larger bills or annual payments such as car tax.

What forms of identification do I need?

In order for your application to be processed you will need to provide at least two forms of identification, one from each of the lists below:


Proof of identification Proof of address
Full UK/EU valid passport Bank/building society statement***
Full UK driving licence (old style) Residential utility bill***
Full UK/EU driving licence photocard Local Authority correspondence/invoice
EU National Identity Card with photo Full UK driving licence (old style)
DWP/Benefits Agency correspondence Full UK/EU driving licence photocard
Tax Coding Notice/assessment DWP/Benefits Agency correspondence
  Tax Coding Notice/assessment

Important: the same piece of ID cannot be used for proof of identification and proof of address.

*Calls may be monitored or recorded for training purposes. Call cost may vary depending upon your service provider.

***Not more than 6 months old