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Read our tips to improve your broadband speed, and get a broadband speed estimate with our Line Checker tool.


To get a broadband speed estimate, use our Line Checker

There’s no commitment to buy anything – we’re just letting you know what we can offer you.

It’s only an estimate. Your speed could still be affected by the quality of your phone line, wiring in your house, electrical interference, and how many people are using your network at once. Speeds can also be a bit slower during evenings and weekends.

When you start using Post Office broadband you may notice your speed varies in the first 10 days. 

Don’t worry, we’re just running tests on your line to get you the best in speed and stability. It’ll be worth the wait .

See how fast Post Office broadband is in your area.

Broadband Speed FAQs

How to improve your broadband speed

If your connection speed is poor on all the websites you visit, here are some things to try:

  • Check that all wires to your wireless router are firmly connected.
  • Avoid heavy traffic – if lots of people on your network are downloading files and streaming movies at once, it’ll be slow for everyone.
  • Expect slower speeds in peak periods – between around 5pm to midnight. This is the internet ‘rush hour’ – and it affects anyone using the internet at this time.
  • Keep your router away from electrical interference – make sure your router is at least five feet away from other electrical items. These include speakers, halogen desk lamps, televisions, monitors, and cordless phones.
  • Clear your browser's cache – regularly clearing your cache and restoring your default settings may help to improve speeds.
  • Pause background downloads. If you’re downloading video, music, or other files, browsing the web will also be slower. Restart downloads when you know fewer people will be using your network.
  • Watch out for spyware and adware. These programs can get on to your computer and use your connection without you knowing.
  • Use the main telephone socket. Try to connect your router directly to your home's main telephone socket using a micro-filter. Avoid extension sockets if you can – this will cut down on electrical interference.

What is the Post Office broadband Fair Use Policy?

The Fair Use Policy outlines the standards of conduct required for Post Office broadband usage.

Read our Fair Use Policy.

Information on Traffic Management

A small number of customers use peer-to-peer file sharing services to upload and download very large files – such as music and videos. 

Uploading and downloading files uses a lot of network capacity. We keep an eye on usage by looking at a number of factors – including how much time a user spends heavily downloading and how much bandwidth they’re using. 

The systems used to provide Post Office broadband can identify very high bandwidth users and anyone using peer-to-peer file sharing services. We may restrict the usage of those services at peak times – this is so other users don’t suffer slow speeds.

Uploading and downloading copyrighted files without consent of the copyright owner is unlawful. Those copyright owners are able to seek court orders for us to disclose your details to them.

Call Charges

0800: Calls to 0800 numbers are normally free from UK landlines and mobile phones.

0345: Calls cost no more than calls to geographic numbers (01 or 02). Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages.

*Calls to our Broadband and Phone Customer Care Line 0345 600 3210 are free when made from an active Post Office phone line.

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