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Getting online can help people get more out of life. That’s why we teamed up with Get Online @Home to offer refurbished computers. Don't miss out on reliable broadband offer below.

Affordable computers from £99

  • Equipment: a refurbished internet-ready computer, flatscreen monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Software: the latest version of Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office with Word and Excel.
  • Security: Microsoft Security Essentials to help keep you safe when you’re online.

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Reliable broadband from £16.30 a month

  • Get online in no time with a free self-configuring plug in and play modem
  • 5GB monthly downloads so you can surf the web, send emails, listen to music and more
  • 24-hour technical support from our UK-based call centre team
  • Up to five email addresses for you and your family so you can send and receive emails
  • Up to 50MB of webspace so you can build and host your own website
  • Inclusive security that includes basic anti-spam and anti-virus 

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